The Foreign Languages Week is a unique academic event in Bucharest which has already become a tradition for the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest. The project was initiated by Zoia Manolescu, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages at the time and it was held for the first time in 1995. It has been held on a yearly basis since then and it involves all the faculties within our university.
Focused on edutainment activities, the Foreign Languages Week has become more and more attractive with every edition, hence its undeniable popularity among students. Rumour has it that the five-day intellectual and physical effort remains an extraordinary experience and a beautiful memory for our students and at the same time a challenge for the next edition.

1. Organizers, sponsors and participants

  • Organizer : Department of Foreign Language and Communication
  • Sponsors : any national or private institution, association, organization, foundation or physical person willing to provide support to the Foreign Languages Week event.

2. Projects and activities

  • Poster contest
  • Drawing contest
  • Scale model contest
  • Translation contest
  • Student scientific sessions
  • Language Certification exam simulation (CAE, DALF, DELF etc.). The winner takes the real exam free of charge
  • Treasure Hunt contest
  • Cultural evening activities
  • Theater plays in foreign languages, etc.




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