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Guidelines for contributors

For publishing purposes (in either UTCB Scientific Journal Series: Foreign Languages and Communication or in DLSC Conference proceedings) please use the files below to write your article/contribution directly.

These are templates (with the ".dotx" extension) for Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 or 2013 editions, generating documents with the “.docx” extension (to be maintained for the paper you submit for publication). They supply all the editing elements of the template chosen by the Department of Foreign Languages and Communication and the Research Centre for Specialised Translation and Intercultural Communication. At the same time, they provide the guidelines for writing the paper. Use the given structure to type the different parts of your article/contribution (from the title to the references, etc.) directly over its components.

When opening, Word will automatically create a new document in which you can insert your text, to be eventually saved as your article/contribution.

For papers written in other languages than English, French of Romanian, any of the three files can be used; it is however stronlgy recommended to activate the respective dictionary in Word in order to insert automatically the appropriate punctuation marks.

Download template in English Template_EN

Download template in French Template_FR

Download template in Romanian Template_RO