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The Research Centre aims to act as an academic think-tank in a joint effort to develop our research studies and promote its results.
The research Centre proposes several Directions for Research, according to the main professional areas of interest of our colleagues, being an active support for their participation in national and international events and for the publication of their research results (courses for the Bachelor’s and Master’s modules, Ph.D. theses, extra-curricular research).
With a constant focus on the modern trends in research and education set by the European Commission, our Research Centre stimulates new ideas and new methods in higher education teaching and research, being keen on the cooperation with similar Research Centres in Romania and abroad.

Specialty field according to CAEN classification:
- R&D in Humanistic Sciences
- Higher Education

The Research Centre for Specialized Translation and Intercultural Communication (TSCI) aims to enhance the prestige and international status of our University through the participation of its members in high performance activities in the fields of applied foreign languages and interdisciplinary research.

Our major goal is to become an important national research centre through a series of activities, such as:
- promoting trans-disciplinary research programs at international standards;
- developing inter-university partnerships at national and international level;
- proposing mobility programs for young researchers and students in Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

OUR PRIORITY MISSION is to develop into an important centre for scientific interdisciplinary and intercultural research in the fields of Specialized Translation and Conference Interpreting, in cooperation with the engineering faculties and research centres of our University. Common projects focusing on the existing need for specialists in these fields are aimed at attracting national and international funding of major interdisciplinary research.

Since its creation in 2011 the members of the Research Centre for Specialized Translation and Intercultural Communication (TSCI) have grouped themselves around several main directions of research, whose results are already significant. Our priority areas of research are as follows:
In its first two years of activity the Research Centre for Specialized Translation and Intercultural Communication (TSCI) has grouped its members around several main directions of research, whose results are already significant.
(1) New trends in the training of Translation and Conference Interpreting specialists;
(2) Applied research – the use of specialty terminology especially in technical fields; improving the translation of specialized topics;
(3) Translation-Localization for technical fields and specific software
(4) Foreign languages training in non-philological universities;
(5) Risk Management in translation
(6) Intercultural communication for specialty purposes – cooperation with European and International institutions and organizations
(7) Genre studies – the place of women in specialty fields and sciences

(1) Organization of International Conferences:
     - The International Conference Creation and Creativity in the 21st Century: Interdisciplinary Research (November 2011); a selection of the best contributions was published in a Conference volume (Ed. Ştef, Iaşi 2012, ISBN 978-606-575-184-2);
     - The International Conference Modern Trends in Education, Communication and Interdisciplinarity. Challenges in Translation and Interpretation, organized in cooperation with the Centre for Research, Resources and European Studies (June 2012); selected contributions were published in a series of 3 Conference volumes;
     - The International Conference Language – the Raw Material for Building Bridges Between People and Cultures (May 2013); conference proceedings published in 2014 (ISBN 978-973-100-327-6);
     - The International Conference "In the Beginning Was the Word" - On the linguistic Matter of which the World Is Built (June 2014) – proceedings publication is now in progress;
     - The International Conference "Found in Translation" – Translations Are the Children of Their Time – due to take place in September 2015;
(2) Participation of our young researchers in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 SINUC Conferences, organised by our University;
(3) Biannual publication of a Scientific Bulletin (Series: Foreign Languages and Communication) as part of the research journals published by our University;
(4) Organisation of an Annual Round Table on topics of significance for the activity of the Department, for the purpose of debating new trends and areas of interest in teaching methodologies, translation studies and intercultural studies;
(5) Participation in two Erasmus Intensive Programmes: ERASMUS Intensive Programme Introduction aux juridictions et procedures en Europe: objectif traduction and Systèmes juridiques et droit des immigrés dans l'UE: Traduire et interpréter dans la diversité
(6) International Project: COST ISO 703 - Action ERN-LWE (European Research Network on Learning to Write Effectively) (2009-2012). Research results of the Romanian team were presented in Poitiers, France as "Creating a Database of Technical Terms in English, Romanian and French" (May 2012);
(7) Participation in the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership: Systèmes juridiques et droit des entreprises dans l'UE: traduire et interpréter dans la diversité;
(8) Publication of new courses in „Localization for technical purposes” and „Risk Management in Translation” – both for Master’s Degree learners.