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You’ve just discovered us and you need more information? Or have you accidentally come across our website and you wish to learn more about us? Are you interested in a translator’s career (we can also offer you the possibility to become an interpreter) and you need more details? Are you stilll hesitating, wondering whether to apply or not ? Our graduates could advise you to take this step... You will see that everything will fall into place after you visit all our web pages. All the links you may need are only a click away!

One important novelty starting with the 2012-2013 academic year: MASTER STUDIES in SPECIALIZED TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATION, where you can apply if you have a Translation and/or Interpreting, Philology or Applied Modern Languages diploma, but also if you are a Bachelor with a diploma in Engineering, Law, Architecture, Humanities, Medicine, Journalism etc., provided that you master two foreign languages well enough.